Rules To Dine – Tips And Tricks For Dining At Fancy Restaurants

Everyone knows that a dinner at a restaurant is quite an event, so you’ll also need to know about the etiquette rules that apply in these situations. Some rules are just about common sense, like not speaking whepastan your mouth is full or not telling rude jokes during the meals. Other rules can be a little more demanding and require you to understand the different nuances that they can have.
Let’s see what you should know about these rules and how to apply them.

Do Dress Nicely

If you’re a man and you’re dining with your clients, it’s better to wear a jacket or a suit – it is even better. If you have clients from other countries, they tend to be more formal, so you should wear a tie along with your jacket.

If you’re a woman, the best choice would be a dress or a suit, complete with shoes – never sandals.

Details Matter

If you’re the host, it’s important to give a good example. You need to keep your keys, phone, and other small items in your purse or in your coat pocket, and never on the table. It will distract your guests and the rest of the restaurant if your phone starts ringing or if you talk too loud.

Apart from this, you should let your guests order first. Make sure that the waiter knows that you are the host and the rest of the people are your guests. A phrase like “please bring my guests the menu” is clear enough to ward off the confusion.


restaurant-food-1If you’re the host, you need to be savvy and make payment arrangements ahead of time. You can talk to the waiters before the dinner starts and give them your credit card or you can arrange it with the restaurant manager. This needs to be done before you sit down at the table with your guests. It’s also important for women to act this way, especially when they’re doing businesses in male-dominating countries and they are the hosts of the dinners. Remember that the host is the person who always pays the dinner.

No Money Mentioning

When you order the wine, don’t tell the waiter that you have a price range. Just say what you like and give them an idea of cost by pointing to a wine in your price range. The waiters are trained to identify the needs of their clients quickly, so you won’t have any surprises when the check comes.

Apart from this, you should never pretend that you’re a wine connoisseur, as this will make you look silly. Just taste the wine and see how it is.


If you want your guests also to be entertained, a restaurant in a casino is the best choice. They know all the rules of etiquette when it comes to formal dinners, but you’ll also be able to get a quiet place in a private dining booth for you and your guests. Apart from this, there’s also live music, casino games, and shows that can make a dinner enjoyable, once the business is done.